Guest Program 25 April - 1 May

With Gabriella Pascoli


Weekend Intensive
Saturday & Sunday


Mysore Style Classes
Monday  – Friday
Mysore 6:30-9:00


Weekend Intensive
Gabriela will dive deep into explanations, exercises, yoga anatomy, pranayama and some more hints & guidelines on the practice.

In the 5 Mysore classes you will be able to integrate & amalgamate the information received during the weekend.
Through this experience you will create a depth of awareness that will become a part of your ongoing practice.




This program is available for those who are already practicing Mysore style.


There are limited spots available for this program. 


About Gabriela

In the beginning magic & mystic are the words that have drawn me closer to the world of Yoga . Many other words appeared later such as integrity, discipline & commitment but the important word is playfulness in Yoga. Iyengar, Shivananda & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga have been the basis of learning for myself in Asana. More than half my years on earth have been spent in India. I found that coming from a health perspective ( nursing & it’s related sciences)Yoga proved to be a challenge until I surrendered & walked hand in hand with my sadhana (life’s personal route). My Yoga guru Shri . K. Pattabhi Jois & his grandson were formative in the beginning but the sweat came from my brow & am so grateful to all the strong woman & men I have met through life that indiscreetly have been formative in mentoring  through the chaos of life. I share my time between Italy & India where there have always been many lessons & learning curves.

I look forward to bringing 40 yrs of yoga experience to exchange with others as we walk the walk of life... hari aum...