Upcoming In-Depth Mysore Programs

August & September 2020

Gibran Gonzalez

In-Depth Mysore Program August & September 2020

with Gibran Gonzalez

Mysore Clandestino welcomes back our dearest Gibran Gonzalez. 

We are very excited that Ursula will be sharing her vast knowledge of this amazing practice.
This is a unique opportunity in Amsterdam to practice under the guidance of such an experienced teacher over a longer period of time. 

Schedule January & February 2020:
Mysore Style: 
Monday-Thursday 6:30-9:00
Sunday 8:00-10:00

Led Class: Friday 6:45-9:00

Moon Days: 
10 & 24 January
9 & 23 February



Mysore Month January €150
Mysore Month February €150

4x Drop In €80

8x Drop In €120



There are limited spots available for this program. 
To be sure of your spot, you can already sign up. 


About Ursula: 

Ursula is an international teacher and has received level 2 authorisation by KPJAYI, in Mysore India.

Ursula's fascination with Ashtanga Yoga started in 2003, after a friend introduced her to a class whilst completing an honours degree in Contemporary Dance.

Beginning with her first teacher, Alexander Medin, she learned how breath refines not just movement but also the mind. In 2008 she made her first trip to Mysore, India, to study at the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Institute and has since returned yearly to study with her teacher, Sharath Jois, with whom she has completed the third series in Ashtanga Yoga.

Ursula was KPJAYI Authorised in 2010. Since then she has held, Mysore programs for the last 12 years. In Japan, Thailand and London. Out of her 17yrs of practice, Ursula has spent 6yrs practicing at Ashtanga Yoga London (with Hamish and Anna Hendry).

Ursula believes the practice has a supportive role, in sustaining “us all” in this busy world.
She believes in encouraging students to find longevity in their practice, in a nurturing  and supportive environment.