There is much to say about the effects that the method will have on a student. Everyone takes their own personal journey of discovery.


Discovery happens through guiding the focus in different areas of the body and the mind. To stimulate an inward focus students practice to focus on the breath, gazing point (drishti) and energy locks (bandha’s). Over time the student will learn to observe the mind and move further into inner exploration.


To get the most of the benefits students work towards a daily practice. This requires a certain degree of discipline that will also manifest itself in different areas of life.

Strength & Flexibility

While the body becomes stronger and more flexible, students will also develop a strong mind and a flexible attitude towards the ever changing dynamics of life.

Health and happiness

When practiced correctly the Ashtanga Primary Series help to purify the body and rectify imbalances. The asanas work on the skeletal system as well as specific organs and have many therapeutic qualities. Many lives have been transformed through consistent practice.