Guest Program 7-13 October 2019

Mysore Clandestino welcomes Xico Rodrigues.

During one week Xico will be teaching Mysore classes, followed by a master class on Saturday morning and a workshop on Sunday. 
What to expect?
Monday 7/10 - Friday 11/10 6:30-9:00
Mysore classes


During the week Xico will guide each student in their asana practice and give individual instructions.
Saturday 12/10 6:30-10:00
Guided Asana Exploration Master Class


This class is open to practicioners of all levels. The difficulty of the practice will increase in the course of the class. However each student will participate at their own level of physical practice. There will be options and modifications given throughout the class. The intention is that every student should be able to follow and be inspired. 

Introduction to the principles of practice.



After meditation students will be guided through a led class that will build from level 1 to advanced. 

7:00 -8:00 

Strategic sequences to accomplish the basic postures of Ashtanga yoga in a stable way. These are also the most important for warming up the body and connecting to the mind.


Intending to open for intermediate postures. 

9:00 – 10:00

Accomplishment of difficult postures with stability and commitment. Defying gravity with focus and concentration. 


Xico focusses on reintegrating and restoring the body and mind to attain healthy and stable  movement. Bringing energy under control.  


Sunday 13/10 10:00-16:00
4 Pillars of Yoga Workshop
(There will be 1 hour break in between; bring food and drinks to share)  

The four pillars. From the Yoga Mat to our every day life.  

Students can expect the following topics to be explored in theory on Sunday.


Finding harmony in the movement 

The movement of the breath in body and mind.

- Breath and energy  

- Body movement 

- Articulations and muscle development 

Creating energy and directing energy

- Apana Vayu – Moola bhandha

- Samana Vayu – Uddiyana banda 

- Prana Vayu – Jhalandhara banda 

- Prãna e Prãnayama 


Techniques for practice:

- To create stability

- Prevent & heal injury

- Open hips for back bending


Controlling the mind.

- Increasing focus and concentration through the achievement of harmony

- The relationship between the Me and the mind.



Mysore Full Month October €150 (incl.week Mysore with Xico)
Mysore Month October incl. Weekend program €260

Mysore Full Month October €135 (incl.week Mysore with Xico)*
Mysore Month October incl. Weekend program €225*

Mysore week with Xico €100 (Monday to Friday 7th till 11th)
Guided Masterclass on Saturday €45
WorkShop on Sunday €65
* Reduced fee for regular Mysore Clandestino members

Each workshop can be taken seperately. 

However, we recommend coming to both, as they complement and build on each other.