1-on-1 Sessions with Claire


During private sessions we can delve into the individual needs of the student. 
One or multiple sessions could involve one or any of the following:

  • How to modify the yoga practice to your current life situation
  • Breathing techniques/excercises
  • Concentration/Meditation techniques/excercises
  • Lifestyle/Diet advice for your body/mind constitution.


For regular Clandestino practitioners:

  • a moment to talk with the teacher and ask more specific questions with regards to the practice
  • 1-on-1 pranayama instruction
  • personal instruction on meditation &/mantra
  • a private moment with the teacher to discuss lifestyle/diet 


For individuals who are interested in starting a home practice, or anyone that would like a personal session involving above mentioned.

Please enquire by sending an e-mail to mysoreclandestino@gmail.com


These sessions are also good for individuals who need a more specific guidance due to injury, health issues or any other personal situation that needs special attention.